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Whether you're looking for a traditional gas boiler or for a renewable alternative such as an Air Source Heat Pump, at Qualis, we've got you covered. 

Boiler Solutions 

We deliver all kinds of heating solutions. Don't see what you need? Just give us a call and we can do our best to help! 

Gas Boilers 


Combi Boilers 

Great little space savers, make them a popular choice. A combi or combination boiler heats water when your hot water tap is running. The best advantage of a combination boiler is that additional tanks are not required. 


System Boilers 

System boilers are great for larger homes where space is an issue. They can supply hot water to more than one tap at the same time making it a great option for homes with families. 


Regular Boiler

Good if you've got plenty of attic space. They are a little bit different from system and combi boilers. Why? Because they need two tanks. The first is a cold water storage tank to feed the hot water and the second, a tank to maintain the water level of the central heating system. You normally find these types of systems in the loft. 


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With energy bills going through the roof, there really is no better time to speak to us. We have some fantastic boiler deals at the moment. Speak to us today prepare your home for the future. 

Electric Boilers 


Electric Boiler  

Electric boilers are quieter and usually smaller than your traditional gas boiler. It's a boiler that uses electricity to heat hot water. It heats the water that warms the radiators and water you use. One point to note, they sometimes aren't as efficient.

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