Qualis COVID-19 statement - delivering for our customers

Qualis COVID-19 statement - delivering for our customers

We are living in unprecedented times. Covid-19 has meant that every industry has had to adapt and readjust to the current situation.

As a company that cares for, not only our staff but our customers, we have taken steps to ensure that our working practices are as safe as possible.  We decided early on that we wanted to continue to serve the community but we are focused on delivering emergency works at the moment, based on recent guidelines from the Scottish Government. 

Inevitably we have had to make some adjustments, to look at the key priorities for customers who had no heating or hot water. For those customers who were vulnerable, elderly or disabled. 

What we do 

- We maintain 2m distancing at all times.

- We use hand sanitisation before and after entering or leaving a property.

- We wear fully disposable WHO approved PPE; face masks, suits and gloves. 

- When in a property, any areas that the engineer came into contact with would be wiped clean and sterilised before leaving the property.

- Any parts or fittings are sanitised prior to being taken into the property.

- All hand tools are sanitised after use.

- We will continue to provide the safest possible service to our local community and many of the procedures put in place will continue long after the pandemic has passed.